Have you been dreaming about the wide-open highway with the wind in your hair or epic off-road
adventures through desert or forest terrain? It sounds like there may be a powersports vehicle in
your future. If you’re shopping for an ATV, UTV or motorcycle, make sure you are also shopping for
the best financing option available. Whether you’re purchasing a new or used all-terrain, utility-
terrain, or other powersports vehicle, you can finance directly from a dealer or borrow the funds
upfront from a bank or online lender. Because they are typically less expensive than a car, many
more options are available for ATV financing.

Now that you have the recreational vehicle of your dreams in your mind, you should decide how to
finance it and how it will fit into your budget before you shop. Your finance options could include
credit cards, retailer financing, or a personal loan from a bank or online lender. Personal loans for an
ATV are often a popular option because they are flexible and come with fixed rates and fixed
monthly payments. Online lenders offer loans with a wide range of repayment
terms to fit your budget.

You may already know that you can use a personal loan for many vehicle expenses, such as auto
repairs or upgrades. Personal loans can help you if you need a new transmission, new tires, or new
speakers. You can also use the funds from a personal loan for almost anything with wheels, like
vans, motorcycles, or riding mowers. Plus, funds from a personal loan can finance recreational
vehicles like campers, boats, and ATVs. Personal loans offer a flexible form of financing, with quick
access to cash and the ability to use the money for almost anything you want. Online lenders can get you the funds you need to purchase your recreational vehicle¹ as soon as
the next business day after approval so that you’ll be on – or off – the road fast!

Much like an auto loan, you can borrow money for a powersports vehicle and finance through the
dealer, or you can borrow the money to purchase it through a personal loan from a bank or online
lender. With a personal loan, you get the lump sum of the money upfront to purchase your ATV, and
then you would pay it off in fixed monthly installments. Reprise provides access to loans from $2,500 to
$25,000² with fixed rates and no prepayment penalties. And, just like recreational vehicles, with a
personal loan you can get your cash fast so that you are cruising down the trails in no time.

Once you have an idea of what type of recreational vehicle you are looking for, you can determine
how much money you need to borrow. When you have a good idea of the total cost, you will want to
understand the possible interest rate, repayment terms and other conditions lenders offer for
personal loans. You will also want to make sure that the monthly payments will fit into your budget.
After researching your options, you can begin the loan application process by providing personal
information and documents to verify your identity and income. With online lenders you can apply from the comfort of your home with a convenient and easy process that
offers a fast and flexible way to receive funding.

It’s still possible to get a personal loan for an ATV, even with limited or bad credit. Your credit score is
one of many key factors that lenders will consider when applying for a recreational vehicle loan.
Online lenders will look at the total picture of a person’s application to find a product
that works best for each applicant. The right ATV loan can help you responsibly finance your new or
used powersport vehicle without draining your savings. The best bet is to have your financing in
place before you shop. That will give you the freedom and flexibility to hit the open road fast on the
vehicle of your dreams.

¹Please note that loans through Reprise do not directly finance the purchase of ATVs with retailers; however, loan proceeds can be used to make large purchases such as an ATV. Reprise offers access to unsecured loans that do not require collateral and secured personal loans that are backed by an asset, such as a motor vehicle that you own.

²The $25,000 loan amount is inclusive of the amount financed and any applicable fees. Not all applicants will qualify for the maximum $25,000 loan amount.